Will You Share My Boudoir Photos Online?

I get asked many questions as a boudoir photographer, but one of the most common questions I get asked about my boudoir photography is “will you share my photos online?”

As a valued client, you are totally in control of this at Studio Boudoir.  While we aim to take photos that you are deliriously happy with and would be proud to show the world, we also totally understand that you might want to keep these boudoir photos private, to be shared with only your closest friends and family.  Other ladies however, are more than happy to share their photos with the world they are so proud of them.

And this is where our “Model Release” contract comes into play.

What is a model release? A model release form is a legal and binding contract drawn up between a photographer and model and gives the photographer the right to publish any photos of other property or people, whether it be in print, online, whatever.

We offer all our clients the choice to whether they sign a model release or not.  There is no pressure to sign one at all.  If you would like to keep your photos from your boudoir photography session private, we are more than happy to do this.  If you have not signed a model release your boudoir photos will NOT be published by us on the internet, or in print.

If however, you do sign a model release the images from your boudoir photo shoot, we may choose to share your images with our followers on Facebook or Instagram.  There is also a chance your wonderful photos may make it to their own boudoir blog post featuring you, you, you! Sometimes, we use the images for branding stationery, or posters and sometimes they are used for marketing purposes, like brochures and show albums.

We hope this has explained where Studio Boudoir stands on sharing your boudoir photos with the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us (info@studioboudoir.com.au) or phone Melle on 0403395824.