The Power Of Boudoir Photography

It’s easy to lose a part of yourself as you meander along the highways of life. Motherhood, relationships and life experiences in general have the power to transform you in ways you could never imagine. In the blink of an eye, the carefree girl with sass and attitude is replaced with a cautious, road-weary traveller, heavy with burdens she has collected along the way.  Becoming a mother, or a wife can sometimes, leave us feeling as if all the fundamentals of our identity have fallen by the wayside. Responsibilities and every day demands mean we have precious little time for our interests, ambitions or even our friends. Somewhere along the way,  we completely lose sight of that person who was ‘me’.

And then the niggling starts.  The little voice that berates you for not being good enough, not looking like you did when you were young and without a care in the world… It doesn’t help when you live on the Gold Coast which is filled with millions of “The Beautiful People” reminding you that no, you didn’t brush your hair this morning before you ducked down to the shops to get milk and bread.  Hell, did you even get out of your pyjamas?

I recently posted an image I took on my Facebook page.  I knew it was a beautiful photo but I never expected such an outpouring from the subject in the comments section:

“Oh my goodness.
Here’s a confession: I’ve never liked my face from side on. But looking at this picture I cannot work out why and think that perhaps I’ve been a bit of a nong for 33 years.
That’s an incredibly powerful thing you do Melle. Your pictures have challenged so many negative perceptions that I had of myself. I adore this and feel absolutely beautiful.” – Angie

It was after reading Angie’s comment that I subsequently did a little happy dance.  That one comment summed up why I do this type of photography.



So what is the power of Boudoir?  Isn’t it just sexy photos?

In a nutshell, no. It’s not about sex at all. It’s a little moment in time, when life is chaotic and a whirlwind, where it’s all about you. It’s life changing.  It’s relationship restoring.  It’s potent.  It resurrects your self esteem and sense of self.  It makes you appreciate how damn good you are.

Just as Angie said, it takes what you have either loathed or were indifferent about yourself and makes you see it in a new light.  I love watching the transformation of women who are having boudoir photography done.  There’s a little spark in their eye when they see a shot I’ve taken on the back of my camera.  Half the time they can’t even believe that it’s them!

Celebrate being a woman.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Boudoir is an empowering way to do that.  A lasting reminder of your greatness.


Yes. You CAN look this beautiful. Boudoir is for every age and body shape. Contact us by filling out this form to start the ball rolling on your boudoir adventure.