Yes. You Really Should Do A Boudoir Photo Shoot.

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with a man who asked me what I did for a living.

“I’m a Boudoir Photographer”, I said.

He laughed.  “I can’t even pronounce that so it’s unlikely I have any idea what it is!”

After a little explanation about the art of boudoir photography, he looked at me with a puzzled expression. “So, you take lingerie pics of women?  That’s it?”

Oh…where do I begin?  “That’s it?” It’s funny how no one ever says that to a brain surgeon, isn’t it?  “You cut people’s heads open and get rid of bits of their brain? That’s it?”

I know, I know. Boudoir Photography is not brain surgery. And it is so much more than just boudoir photos. A boudoir photo shoot can be life changing.

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I believe every girl should experience a boudoir photography session in her lifetime.  And here’s the process behind my opinion:

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! For a brief moment, a few hours in fact, the world stops and you have no worries.  What cranky boss? What snotty kids?  What husband with the Man Flu?  Exactly.  It’s a rare moment to forget troubles and concentrate on yourself without being interrupted and pestered for the hundredth time in an hour. Seriously, before I had kids I had no idea they could ask that many questions in one breath! Let’s face it, getting pampered like a Kardashian for a few hours is great therapy for anyone!

IT’S EMPOWERING! After a boudoir photography session, you are going to feel like you can conquer anything. Something about stripping back to near nakedness in front of a relative stranger does weird and wonderful things to your brain.  Your confidence will soar and you will feel a little extra spring in your step as you walk out the door.  Leaving yourself bare and surviving is wonderful for building your self esteem.  One of my clients once told me “Melle, if I can do this, I can do anything!”.

BROWNIE POINTS, AND LOTS OF THEM! It’s a sad fact that lust and passion dims in every relationship, but if there’s one thing that can really turn the heat up, it’s boudoir photos! Imagine your partner’s face when you come home one day with a special gift for him or her.  Your partner sits down, opens the beautifully wrapped gift and there, inside are the most exquisite photos he has ever seen of you, provocative and alluring, sexy yet decidedly classy. Girl, he is going to love you even more. I don’t know how many nights of washing up this is worth but I can tell you it is a lot. What person doesn’t want sexy photos of their better half?

IT’S A CHALLENGE! And anything you do that is challenging, is also soul enhancing.  There’s an inspiring feeling that comes over us when we triumph over an obstacle that has made us feel anxious and scared.  Facing a fear can be a life-changing experience; victory makes our pride in ourselves swell. Why else do you think people run?  Goodness, surely it can’t be for fun! (My most humble apologies to the runners out there).  But seriously, boudoir photography does challenge our perceptions of ourselves.  We are often really hard on ourselves. Hands up if you have been your own toughest critic? Hands up if you constantly berate yourself over what you believe are physical flaws?  It’s so easy to compare ourselves to the women we see in magazines and on social media to our own detriment when that pesky little voice in your head that says “You’re not good enough” . Boudoir Photography shows you, finally, that you are good enough.  You are perfect just as you are!

IT’S A CELEBRATION OF YOU RIGHT NOW! No matter what your age, what better way to celebrate and embrace your beauty, your self, inside and out? It’s true, photographs possess the rare magic to transport us back in time. Imagine looking back on your amazing boudoir photos in fifty years time. I can guarantee you, they will bring back memories like nothing else. After you see pictures of yourself from a boudoir photography shoot, you are going to realize just how beautiful and sexy you actually are!

A BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT IS FUN! Yes. Yes it is. Once you get past the first few moments of shyness, the photo session just becomes a whole lot of fun. For the most part a boudoir photo shoot is a lot of laughter and girl talk whilst relaxing in front of a camera.

So, there you go, “that’s all”.  No, it’s not brain surgery, I’ll admit it.  But it is a wonderful thing to do, a pick me up, a celebration… All we have is now. Celebrate you.

Yes. You CAN look this beautiful. Boudoir is for every age and body shape. Contact us by filling out this form to start the ball rolling on your boudoir adventure.