Katryna and Boudoir Photography

Surfers paradise Boudoir Photography


Just before your boudoir session, what were your concerns? My main concern is that I won’t look good.

What were you most excited about? I wanted to feel sexy and  finally have some sexy photos of myself.

How did you want your photos to look? I wanted them to be gorgeous, beautiful.  But also a little different.

Now that the shoot is complete, how did it feel? I felt completely comfortable!  Melle was chatty and outgoing.  Now I’m hoping to get more boudoir photographs done throughout the years!

What did you think of the images you initially saw? I thought they were just stunning.

Apart from beautiful photos, what other positive outcomes are there? After having a boudoir photography shoot and seeing the photos, I have confidence in myself again.



Yes. You CAN look this beautiful. Boudoir is for every age and body shape. Contact us by filling out this form to start the ball rolling on your boudoir adventure.