Boudoir Photography & JadeWe talked to Jade before and after her Boudoir Photography experience...

Why did you choose Boudoir Photography with Studio Boudoir?  A surprise for my husband.

Just before your boudoir session, what were your concerns? Body image concerns me as do angles of photos.

What are you most excited about? Seeing the end result!

How do you want your photos to look?  I want it to be elegant, yet creative.  And sexy.

Now that the shoot is complete, how did it feel?  It was fun!  And funny! 

What did you think of the images you initially saw? I loved them!

Apart from beautiful photos, what other positive outcomes are there? I felt very insecure about my body image walking into the shoot but it’s helped me gain confidence. Melle makes you feel like a million bucks.


Yes. You CAN look this beautiful. Boudoir is for every age and body shape. Contact us by filling out this form to start the ball rolling on your boudoir adventure.