Boudoir Photography & NikkiWe talked to Nikki before and after her Boudoir Photography experience...

Just before your boudoir session, what were your concerns? Being in underwear in front of people!

What were you most excited about? I was most excited about seeing the finished product.

How do you want your photos to look? I just want them to look soft and romantic and nice.

Now that the shoot is complete, how did it feel? It was actually relaxing and comfortable!  It really not scary at all. Melle was always checking how I was and telling jokes and making me feel very at ease.

What did you think of the images you initially saw? Beautiful.

Apart from beautiful photos, what other positive outcomes are there? Doing a boudoir shoot and seeing the photos makes me feel pretty again, not just in “mum mode”. 


Yes. You CAN look this beautiful. Boudoir is for every age and body shape. Contact us by filling out this form to start the ball rolling on your boudoir adventure.