Challenging Your Boudoir Fears

When I asked Lisa (not her real name) to describe to me how nervous she was feeling about having her boudoir photos taken, she replied “you know that dream you have, where you’re in public and you’re naked and you’re trying to find a place to hide? It’s worse than that.”

I could only imagine how bad she felt, as I’m one of those rare individuals that has never had a naked-in-public dream.  My reoccurring dream involves either trying to lock a window which refuses to latch or I’m confronting my in-laws. Sigh, but we won’t go into that

Fast forward to a few months later and going through my paperwork and questionnaires, I have come to the firm conclusion that when it comes to boudoir photography, women have three main concerns…

Boudoir Photos Gold Coast

“I’m scared I will show too much of my body in boudoir photos!” Au contraire! Although some boudoir photographers take delight in producing revealing and somewhat risky portraits of their female clients, Studio Boudoir favours being on the side of the conservative.  We take great pride in creating stunning, seductive portraits by showing no more skin than you would at the beach, but also by soliciting the imagination of the viewer.  It is our aim to merely suggest what is happening and leave the rest to the viewers own interpretation.  Great story writers often tell of the technique of “show, don’t tell” and we like to think we also adhere to this rule with our boudoir photos.  We are firm believers in making beautiful photos of women, depicting them as strong and confident, independent, sexy and in control of their own world rather than just sexual objects.  Our boudoir photos are just as much for the women in the photos as they are for their partners.  They are a culmination of the mind and body, a celebration of being a woman in this modern era.

Boudoir Photography

“I’m too fat / have too many stretch marks / have cellulite / have a flabby tummy” Oh, welcome to the club! Believe me I feel your pain.  Oh to be twenty one again, right? But let’s face it, most of us have been through the wringer; we’ve had kids, yo-yo dieted, gained weight, lost too much weight, lost track of the last time we seriously had an exercise routine, drank too much wine… and as a result, our bodies are not the perfect little things they used to be.  So, how do we combat this? We’re selective in what we show!  It’s that easy.  By using things like sheets, certain poses and light, we are able to emphasise your best points and push those annoying ones into the background.  Experienced boudoir photographers will know how to expertly create brilliant pictures no matter what canvas they have to work with.  Our job is to bring out the sexy confident woman in you.  All we ask is for your trust.  Trust that we, as professional boudoir photographers, know how to make you shine.  Sometimes poses might feel a little silly, but the result is spectacular.

Boudoir Photo

“I don’t know how to pose or be sexy!” As we said above, all you need to do is have trust.  Melle is completely equipped with knowledge of how to pose a woman so that she looks comfortable and seductive.  All you have to do is follow her directions.  She will even get on the floor with you and show you step by step, until you look your most flattering. You don’t need to come into a boudoir photo session with anything but the clothes you choose to wear.  Leave all your fears at the door.  Hell, in fact, leave the little buggers in the car. Alone. With windows wound up.

So anyway,  back to Lisa.  When her boudoir session was done and dusted, she looked different.  There was a little sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there when she walked in.  Oh and the smile.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  “That was so amazing!” she gushed.  I dare say, the next time she has that naked-in-public dream … damn, she’ll own it.