All Those Reasons Why You Can’t Do Boudoir…

Jenny* (*all names have been changed) is an average woman; married, has three kids, a dog and a mortgage.  She’s frantically busy, got a few extra kilos hanging around that she desperately hates and is looking for that magic solution to get her mojo back. She has fond memories of “fun jenny” who used to be the life of the party, wear trendy clothes and make every guy’s jaw drop when she walked in the room…

Chloe* is just out of high school, reveling in the new found freedom she has from rules and restrictions.  She seems happy but there is a slight sadness in her eyes. In the back of her mind, she is still haunted by the bullying she suffered at the hands of some girls from school.  They still all live in the same town and one day, Chloe is going to show them exactly what she is made of…

Melanie* has it all: good looks, money, a stunning house, a gorgeous husband.  As a result women see her as a threat and avoid her, sometimes even starting rumours to make themselves feel better. Melanie now suffers from extreme anxiety and rarely goes out in public…

I’ve met all of these women at some stage and talked to them about doing a boudoir photo session.  Although it seems like these three women are worlds apart, they’re so very similar in one respect.  They don’t thing they’re good enough.

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Do these words sound familiar? “I need to lose some weight first”, “I’m too old”, “I can’t afford it” and “I’ll never look as good as the girls on your website”?

Let me stop you right there. You can have a boudoir shoot right now.   You can look amazing in your boudoir photos right now.  And best of all, you are on the brink of a mental shift within yourself if you do; one that will change how you see yourself.

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So let’s go through the most common reasons I hear about why you can’t do a boudoir session…

“I’m too fat” I totally hear you. I struggle with my own weight demons too.  But if you believe that your photos will look better if you just lost 2 or 3 kilos, I’m going to tell you that’s just not true.  As a seasoned boudoir photographer, through posing, lighting and clever uses of clothing, I can make you look at least five kilos lighter instantly. Seriously.  There is no need to put it off to lose a few pounds, I can take care of it all in camera.  When ladies see their boudoir photos, they are usually astounded and can’t believe what I’m showing them is really them.  And this is when I show them on the back of my camera whilst they are in the boudoir session.

“I can’t afford it” If I told you how much money you spent a year on random or daily cups of coffee you would be horrified.  And you don’t even have anything to show for it at the end of the day!  Boudoir photography is a luxury, yes I will agree.  But it is also a timeless piece of art, an investment in your mental well being and an heirloom for future generations.  And, Studio Boudoir also offers payment plans so that you don’t have to pay for it all up front.  We can make it very easy for you to afford boudoir photos. The average client spends around $1400 with us.  Just out of curiosity, did you know that if you bought two cups of coffee a day whilst at work your average yearly total on coffee would be just over $2,000?!?

“I don’t know how to be sexy”  Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all.  It’s my job as a boudoir photography to guide you into your most flattering positions.  I will be with you every step of the way.  From your finger tips to how you have your eyes and lips, everything is guided by me.  All you have to do is follow my instructions.  Every single woman you see in my photos has been lead into that pose by me.  No one ever comes into the studio and naturally starts posing.  And please know, that there is lots of talking and giggling whilst we are shooting.  100% of women tell me how easy it was when their shoot is over.

“I’m too old” Excuse me but, fuck that. Old is a mind set. Sexy is sexy no matter what age you are.  Look at Helen Mirren.  Now, that is one sexy lady.  And she’s how old? Seventy one, people!!!  She’s got more sex appeal in her little finger than any of those Kardashians do.  And why?  It’s her mind set.  So leave behind that “I’m too old” bullshit. You will never again be as young as you are right now.  Right now.

Time waits for nobody.  In the blink of an eye, 2017 will soon be 2027.  It’s time we shifted our minds and focused on the positive rather than the reasons why we can’t do things.  The worst case scenario is that you will never do it.  Anything above that is a plus. Forget the excuses.

Girl, you have got this.

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