Another Gorgeous Outdoors Boudoir Session

Sometimes ideas come to me for boudoir photography when I should be sleeping.  This was exactly what happened when I had Bekk booked in for her shoot. I wanted to try something a little different at this outdoor boudoir photography session, something a little out of left field, something that would look dramatic yet super sexy.

So there I was, making friends with 3am one morning, hubby fast asleep beside me, when suddenly an idea for a rain boudoir session popped into my head.  It was one of those “OMG yes!” moments.  Luckily for me, Bekk was more than keen to give it a go.

Boudoir Photographer Brisbane Gold Coast Gold Coast Boudoir

It’s all good and well to have these ideas for boudoir photography but the last time I checked we are in the middle of a drought and a heat wave on the Gold Coast so the chance of rain on the day we picked was a big, fat zero.  Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

Enter Bekk’s good friend Jade, who came along to the shoot and was official “hose holder” for the day!  Positioning Bekk and waiting for the right light was easy for this boudoir photographer, what was not so easy was to get the water from the hose to fall in a rain like way.  For shots like this one to work, the fall of the water droplets and the light has to be right otherwise it doesn’t look believable.   It was definitely one of the more fun boudoir photography shoots I have done, I can say that!

Prior to the “rain”, we spent a little while in the green grass of the field getting some gorgeous boudoir photographs.  Yes, we got bitten by ants.  Was it worth it?  Yes, I’d say so.  Take a look:

Beautiful boudoir photography by Gold Coast photographerBeautiful Boudoir Portraits Gold CoastBoudoir Photographer Gold Coast Studio Boudoir


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