The Best Anniversary Gift. Ever.

The first wedding anniversary.  That momentous occasion when we celebrate love and making it through a whole year of marriage without killing each other.

Traditionally, for the first wedding anniversary, gifts are simple and made of paper; a loved up card or a book, or a photograph are perfect ideas.

When this lovely lady contacted me with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot for her husband’s anniversary gift, I loved the idea!   What man wouldn’t want boudoir photos of his gorgeous wife?  It sure beats socks and undies!

So we organised the secret photo session and I travelled to her house on the Gold Coast so that we could do the boudoir portraits in her bedroom.  Photographing boudoir in your own bedroom adds another dimension to the boudoir photos.  It’s a common place for both you and your spouse, somewhere that has personal meaning for you both, adding just a little bit of extra magic to the shots.

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I am very happy to report that hubby was delighted with these gorgeous boudoir photos of his stunning wife. Hooray!