A Little BitAbout Studio Boudoir“When you see someone putting on his big boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.” ― Winnie the Pooh

I won’t lie. The idea of Boudoir Photography made me run for the hills when I first heard of it.  The feminist in me got all itchy with indignation and happily scratched her knees scrambling up on her soapbox at any given opportunity, to shout her objections.

The first part of my photography evolution had been spent as an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, specialising in weddings, a role that I took on with gusto.  And then one day, out of the big blue,  brides started asking me to photograph them “boudoir style” for their partners. So, dragging my proud feminist arse, I showed up and did the job.  And I loved it.

Before me, women transformed into confident, sultry versions of themselves and burst with pride when they saw the photos. Ladies who thought they could never look good in photos like this expressed gleeful surprise and gratitude at seeing themselves as sultry, strong vixens. They were ecstatic; humbly impressed by their own beauty and radiance.

And I had to stop and ask myself: how could this be wrong? How could empowering women to be bold and strong, glowing in their own amazing skins be anything but right?

The extremist feminist went home and mulled this concept over with a glass or two of wine.  She scrutinised it, twisted it, beat the crap out of it trying desperately to find a reason why she should hate it.  And she couldn’t. Boudoir portraiture is not just a day of getting your photos taken. It’s evolutionary. It takes a lot of courage to lay your soul bare…try doing it in underwear! Women who go through the process come out the other end feeling stronger, more desirable, fearless.  Far from being just about photos, it’s a challenge on the deepest level of your psyche, a place where the ego takes a back seat and you revel in your authentic self.

Truly, I believe that Boudoir Photographer does have a place here on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay.  It is a place of great beauty and appreciation of such, how could it not have a place?  However, unlike other Boudoir Photography companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, my aim is to produce a style of boudoir portraiture that is unique to Studio Boudoir, one that women will seek out as their first choice.

So now I’m hooked.  I’ve pledged myself to the cause of Boudoir Photography, investing my time in transforming today’s women into enduring, voluptuous heroines one beauty at a time. After all, given the state of our world, we could always use more heroes.

Melle Veronesi is a Professional Photographer based near Byron Bay in NSW.  She also photographs Boudoir Portraits in venues on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Ask us about our REFERRAL PROGRAM! Details HERE

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