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Katryna and Boudoir Photography

Katryna and Boudoir Photography
  Just before your boudoir session, what were your concerns? My main concern is that I won't look good. What were you most excited about? I wanted to feel sexy and  finally have some sexy photos of myself. How did you want your photos to look? I wanted them to be gorgeous, beautiful.  But also a little different. Now that the shoot is complete, ho[...]

Jade’s Beach Boudoir SessionAnimal Lover. World Traveller. Vegan.

Jade's Beach Boudoir Session
Outdoors boudoir photography.  Yes, you heard right!  In fact, "Beach Boudoir" to be precise! When you live so close to the wonders that are Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, it is only natural to go outside once in a while. Jade and I headed to a secluded beach near Evans Head and worked on these images. And what amazing boudoir portraits we got! One thing I've not[...]